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Intercomprehension (IC) enables you to understand all the languages within a common family. It also provides techniques for communicating successfully in situations where each person speaks their own language; with neither speaker at a linguistic disadvantage, IC thereby embodies and enacts mutual respect and equality.

The CLA has been offering courses on Intercomprehension since a.y. 2020/2021. 
The CLA's Intercomprehension expertise generated the Well-beIntercomprehension  project of the EUniwell consortium, a network of European Universities whose mission is to improve the well-being of citizens through research, training and institutional engagement.
The result of the project was a website with Intercomprehension materials across 12 languages from the Romance and Germanic families:


Dedicated site for the Well-beIntercomprehension project:



Currently, we offer Intercomprehension between romance languages and Intercomprehension between Germanic languages
Both courses are 30 hours long with 10 lessons of  3 hours per week, plus homework, and give students open badges  for university credits. 
The online editions are open to students and staff from any university.

The CLA also does workshops on Intercomprehension: multilingual conversations, IC across Romance languages, IC across Germanic languages, and IC across both Romance and Germanic languages together. 

In June 2023, the courses were offered as an international Blended Intensive Programme (BIP): “Intercomprehension between Germanic /Romance languages”. Participants came to Florence from the Universities of Nantes, Murcia, Cluj-Napoca, Bergen, Copenhagen, Vahxo (Linnaeus), Aveiro, Cologne, Bruxelles and Budapest.  This will be repeated again in Florence in June 2024.



  • Course on Intercomprehension between romance languages

The course on intercomprehension between Romance languages at University of Florence aims to develop participants’ skills in comprehending six tongues from the Romance language family (Catalan, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian and Spanish). Intercomprehension is a recent didactic approach but an ancestral way of communication: Interlocutors speak in their respective mother tongues and are enabled to understand the language of the other interlocutors by the technique of intercomprehsion, without using a lingua franca. Intercomprehension fosters diversity, multilingualism, respect of difference and well-being.
Teacher of the course: Dr Hugues Sheeren (French), with the collaboration of Dr Monica Molina (Spanish and Catalan) and Dr Marisa Valente (Portuguese).  

  • from 19/10/2023 to 21/12/2023: Thursday 10-13 - room 302 viale Morgagni 40, Firenze


  • Course on Intercomprehension between Germanic languages

Intercomprehension (IC) means being able to read texts in other languages of your same language family (in this case, Germanic) and to have a multilingual conversation between speakers of different languages, where each interlocutor speaks their own Germanic tongue. In this course you will both learn IC interactive strategies and gain language competency in the 6 Germanic languages covered: English, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Dutch. The course’s main language is English (and German, depending on the language ability of the participants); its teachers are native English and German speakers. To take the course you should be able to communicate in English and, preferably, know a little of another Germanic language; also, please join if you are a native or proficient user of any Germanic tongue. We will also have guest IC specialists, who are native speakers in other Germanic languages, to do activities with the class,
Teachers of the course: Dr Jessica Thonn (English), Dr Petra Brunnhuber (German)  

  • from 19/10/2023 to 21/12/2023: Thursday 15-18 - DAD
last update: 12-Sep-2023
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