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Centro Linguistico di Ateneo


Courses, seminars, orientation, tests/exams

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    • Courses

      The CLA organises two types of course: Praxis courses and Special courses, arranged in cycles (pdf).
      The levels of the courses, which are matched with the Common European Reference Framework for Languages (pdf), are A1, A2, B1.1, B1.2, B2.1, B2.2, C1.

      • Praxis courses
        The Praxis courses concentrate on developing the oral and written skills of comprehension, interaction and production, with particular attention to oral and written comprehension. They consist of 30 hours of lessons. Access to these courses, for which priority is given to LLP/Erasmus students, will be restricted to the number of places available.
      • Special courses
        The aim of the Special courses is to develop single skills and/or achieve specific goals. They consist of 30 hours of lessons. Specially-created materials and handouts will be provided.
        Examples of special courses

        Training scheme (pdf)

        Timetable of courses (progressively updated during the year based on student levels)

        N.B:: The course B2-C1 writing involves the release of Open badge


    • Training in Workshops

      With the annual card issued at the moment of enrolment in the course or bought apart, students can participate in guided activities.

      • Language Counselling
        In individual half-hour interviews, a teacher helps the student to identify the most suitable materials and learning strategies. To take part, you must book by writing to infoitaliano(AT)
      • Language lab practice Sessions
        Students have the opportunity to do pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar etc. exercises in the CLA audio/active/comparative language lab, under a teacher's guidance. You do not need to book.
      • Workshops on specific themes
        Two-hour sessions on themes of Italian current affairs and culture (cinema, literature, music, society, etc.). Guided film viewing sessions will also be offered in these workshops. You do not need to book.
      • Chat Time
        The aim of this language-learning initiative is to create a recreational moment which encourages free expression through newspapers and "party" games, or just conversing. You do not need to book.
      • Conversation exchange sessions with mother-tongue speakers
        These are organised meetings between italian students studying foreign languages and foreign students enrolled in CLA Italian courses.
        To participate, you must book by writing to infoitaliano(AT) , or directly in Via degli Alfani, 58.

        Guided activities this month


    • Orientation



last update: 14-Mar-2023
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